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Frozen Shoulder

What Causes Frozen Shoulder? The bones of shoulder are held in place by ligaments that are covered by a capsule. The inflammation of capsule containing ligament tissues and shoulder bone is thought to be the main cause of Frozen Shoulder. An inflamed ligament further thickens and becomes stiff making it hard to move the shoulder. Apart from the inflammation of ligaments some more factors mentioned below can also cause Frozen Shoulder. Causes of Frozen Shoulder include, Ayurvedic Treatment for Frozen Shoulder: Natural, Effective & Safe Methods Frozen shoulder, also called adhesive capsulitis, is a condition that causes severe shoulder pain and stiffness making it difficult to move the shoulder. Initially it starts with a shoulder pain that lasts for months and increases in severity with time. Ayurvedic treatments for Frozen Shoulder include therapies such as abhyangam, kizhi, pizhichil, nasyam, and basti.



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