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Jambeera pinda sweda (Naranga kizhi) INR   1500 INR  1500

Jambeera pinda sweda (Naranga kizhi)

is a special treatment done by kerala vaidhya (Doctors) for treating cervical spodylosis and frozen joint. it is a type of hot bolus fomentation and thus is classified under pinda (bolus)sweda. Jambeera is an ayurvedic term for wild lemon or citrus medica (citron fruit) naranga is a word used in Malayalam for both citron fruit and lemon. but in practice lemon is used in the treatments. thus the use of term jambeera and use of lemon in the treatment looks controversial . but we shall not look in to the name . some physician have effectively used the citron fruits for the treatment , including me thus the term jambira or naranga doesn't seem controversial . both these terms cover the usage of both lemon and wild lemon in the treatment

INR 1500 INR 1500


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